ETO is a contemporary denim label for urban living.

ETO Jeans | Affiliate Scheme

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ETO Jeans is branching out with the new collection, showcasing our ever growing unique terrace fashion. This season the brand has gained enormous growth and popularity through releasing new collections, in footwear and accessories. Our aim is to create the perfect look and fulfil the demands made by customers and we’d like you to be part of our exclusive team.


Our success in the short space of time has been due to the brand keeping close to the heritage of the denim but also adding cutting edge features to each product. The core values of the collection have let individuals to move away from the everyday norm and veer away from the mass trends, keeping the belief that ‘strength lies in difference’.

By joining our affiliate program you will gain from the amazing opportunities listed below.

Your Benefits


  • Complete FREE to Join!                                                                                                                          
  • 6% commission on any referral.
  • Exclusive voucher codes available.
  • Creative Banners and ads in multiple sizes.
  • 30 days cookie and all valid transactions approved within 30 days.
  • Personal Support from the ETO Jeans Affiliate Team.




How to Sign up for Free?


Click on either the affiliate window sign or the Rakuten Linkshare sign and sign up/ log in to join the program!



You can become a member of our Affiliate Program and start earning commission immediately.  Promote us by posting ads, banners, or links on your website or blog. You can choose which of our products you want to advertise and let us know if you need any specific banners not already there. When your readers click on these ads, they will be directed to our website where they can shop. Every time they make a purchase, you earn money!


We want to create a long term mutually beneficial relationship with all our affiliates and want to see you succeed, so if you come across any problems or want a specific ad created just drop us an email and let us know at


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