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Men's Cargo Jeans

Men's Cargo Jeans

ETO Jeans have a range of men’s cargo jeans tailored to be functional and comfortable, as well as stylish. These practical jeans offer a working man plenty of pocket space, as well as comfort and style.

Cargo Jeans Style Guide

This type of jean originates from British soldiers during WWII. The large pockets were sewn onto the higher thighs for the practical reason of storing items that a soldier would need on a day to day basis. Cargo jeans are perfect for men who need a more durable fabric because of their line of work. These jeans are also fantastic for anyone who likes the look and feel of a casual denim, but also would benefit from the extra storage space.

As well as the benefit of not having to carry a bag everywhere, these jeans offer a diverse style that will fit in anywhere – from the building site to going out on the weekends. Cargo jeans go well with any activity, and have the added advantage of also being more appropriate within more physical and working situations because of their durability.

Versatile Fashion from ETO Jeans

If you feel a looser fit and a straighter cut would suit you better, then cargo jeans should be your jean of choice. The loose fit of these jeans ensures that the pockets don’t become a nuisance when items are stored in them. The fit is more relaxed than that of a skinny jean or a tapered jean, allowing ease for bending, kneeling and general movement which is common amongst men who tend to wear cargo jeans.

ETO Jeans have a variety of colours and types of cargo jeans to suit each preference. From black with standard pockets, or a dark wash or mid stonewash jean with full combat pockets.

Overall if you are looking for a great pair of quality, casual jeans; ETO Jeans can provide you with just this. Take advantage of our free UK next day delivery, or get in touch today.

If you are looking for a pair of great quality and casual jeans, our cargo or combat style men's jeans are the ideal choice! Shop online at ETO Jeans today.