5 weird facts you didn’t know about Halloween

5 weird facts you didn’t know about Halloween

5 weird facts you didn’t know about Halloween

Hi guys, this post is dedicated to all things halloweeny! Not only have we got your standard scary pumpkin COMPETITION but we’ll also be talking about some of the weirdest Halloween facts, throw in some fun pumpkin history all topped of with our special Halloween treat exclusively for you!

I know what you’re thinking its all a bit too much, but don’t worry we’ll start of right at the beginning –

So weird fact number 1

Jack ‘o’ Lanterns were originally made out of turnips, beets or potatoes!

Bit weird right but as legend has it there once was an Irish man lovingly named stingy Jack. Now stingy Jack decided to go out with the devil, (as you do), long story short he tricked the devil and made him promise to leave him alone for a year and… Here’s the big one, he also had to promise that he wouldn’t take Jacks soul when he died.

Rumour has it Jack tricked the devil again later on winning him a total of 10years of devil free living. (You’d think the devil might have learnt the first time huh)

When Jack finally died, God didn’t want him in heaven (Sucks for him) and the devil couldn’t take him to hell so he was sent to roam earth with just a burning coal for light.

Jack decided to put this coal in a turnip and turned it into a lantern. So stingy Jack became… that's right Jack ‘o’ Lantern

Don't worry that's the end of the history lesson…

Fact number 2

Originally you would have to dance for your treat, so basically you’d have to spend hours practicing your dances, songs or plays, all to get a few sweets. I’m glad we don’t have to do that anymore phew.

Fact number 3

In Germany, to respect the dead, they hide all their knives as it might hurt any of the spirits who are wondering around. (So spirits tended to get stabbed quite a lot back in the day, my question, how would you know?)

Fact number 4

Apparently the British used to believe that the devil liked to gather nuts. So on Halloween, nuts were used as magic charms. (Not sure why the Devil’s become so squirrel-like but all right then…)


Fact number 5

It was said that if a spider crossed your path on Halloween it’s actually the spirit of a loved one watching over you. So guys no killing spiders on Halloween, even though that is a little creepy!

There’s so many more little facts and we could literally go on all day but then we won’t have time for our spectacular bad guy pumpkin COMPETITION. Dun Dun Duunnn!

So, just to get this straight, we don’t mean cute little guys like this one but more like faces who at one point or another gave us nightmares.

Our top 6 all to familiar Bad Guy Pumpkins

These might be a little scary but I’m sure none of them quite give you the dreaded feeling in your gut as much as our next pumpkin…

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Oh yeah don’t forget to tune in for next weeks Bonfire special!

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