Searching For Some Black Friday Bargains? Don’t Go Unprepared; Here Are Eight Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Black Friday Shopping Experience.

Many retailers offer price reductions on Black Friday for a wide range of items for example, technology products such as televisions or fashion items such as men’s jeans. As such we’d like to provide you with this guide to help you when shopping during Black Friday. Here are eight tips to help you get the most out of you Black Friday shopping experience.

            1. Prepare

              If you are planning to spend the day shopping, preparation is key.
              Set yourself a budget and stick to it. After you have decided your budget, make a list of items that you want to buy and write the items you want the most at the top of the list. This way you can keep focused and find the lowest prices for the items on your list. You could also visit stores earlier during the week or the weekend before; to make note of the previous prices of the items that you are interested in and take mental notes of where the items are located in the store so that you can find them quicker whilst navigating the crowds. Also, it might be beneficial to take a backpack full of items to help you. This backpack can contain simple items such as your shopping list, some snacks and some drinks. However, it can also be helpful in storing plastic bags to use to carry your purchases.
              If you are using a price comparison app on your Smartphone, it may be beneficial to bring a portable charger; you won’t want to miss out on a bargain because your battery ran out.

          1. Check Online

        Various online retailers have started their Black Friday sales earlier such as Amazon, so you should check online otherwise you may miss out on a great bargain. Checking prices online is also a fantastic way to make sure that you find the best deal you can. Which? posted an article on their website in November 2016 discussing the Black Friday offers of 2015. They tracked the prices of 178 deals for three months before Black Friday and two months after and found that “Black Friday was only the cheapest or joint-cheapest day to buy the product half of the time (90 out of the 178 deals).”Which? also has a guide to help consumers check if a Black Friday deal is real.

3.  Think About The Clothes You’re Wearing

The late November weather can be very cold, so it is important that you stay warm, especially if you’re planning on queuing up outside the night before. Make sure you wear a jacket, such as our Black Quilted Jacket, which would look great with our Mid Stonewash Straight Fit Jeans.

Your choice of shoes is also very important. During Black Friday you’re probably going to be standing a lot of the time, so wearing a comfortable pair of shoes is very important.

4. Stay Inside

If shopping outside in crowded high streets and shopping centres isn’t for you but you still want to get involved in the Black Friday sales don’t worry, there is a simple solution, shop online instead.

Many retailers also offer their Black Friday deals to their online customers and many online stores don’t have physical stores to purchase from.If you don’t use a price comparison app on your Smartphone, online shopping makes price comparison even easier; you can check the prices of many products without having to leave the store. Just open a new tab check prices on a different website.

Another benefit to staying inside and doing your Black Friday shopping online is that you can browse multiple websites at once. In a physical store, you’re restricted by the store you are currently in and the stores close to you. Online, a new store is just a few clicks away.

If you’re purchasing something online on Black Friday as a Christmas gift, make sure you check the delivery information. You want to make sure that there is enough time for the product to arrive before Christmas.

5.Go With Friends

If you’re planning on visiting stores on Black Friday, take friends with you. Not only will you be able to help each other plan your shopping routes, but you’ll also have somebody to share the experience with.

6. Follow Your Favourite Brands On Social Media

This shopping tip can help you save money all year around, not just on Black Friday. Many businesses will post their discounts and any items that are on sale to their social media accounts.

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