We thought we’d bring you a few odd traditions celebrated on Valentines day, just because we can, don’t worry though they’re pretty short.

Scotland also has a party game, each single person writes their name on a piece of paper, which is then thrown into two hats—one for the guys and one for the girls. Everyone draws a name, and the couples pair off for the evening. Since it's unlikely that the names will actually match, the guy has to stick with the woman who picked his name—regardless of whose name he picked.

Doesn’t sound to bad right, take a look at what happens in Asia.

In Korea Valentines day is pretty much just for men, I know its surprising but on Valentines Day men expect their partners to shower them with stuff like chocolate, expensive meals and even a 6 pack of beers… nice huh.

But there is a glitch, exactly one month later March 14th there’s a little thing called White Day where the guys are expected to give their partners 3 times the amount that they got the month before.

People who haven’t received anything on either of these days celebrate something called Black Day on April 14th, so all the single people seem to wear black gather at certain restaurants to commiserate over black coloured food, during the meal they complain about their lack of relationships and chocolate gifts. (This seems to happen mostly in South Korea)

A little intense but not as much as this…

In France, a custom known as "drawing for" once occurred. Unmarried people would go into houses facing each other and begin calling to each other from the windows, they would start pairing-off with the chosen partner. If the guy didn’t impress his valentine, he would leave her. As a result, a bonfire would be lit later where the ladies could burn images of the ungrateful sweetheart and verbally abuse him in a loud tone as the effigy burned.

Yeeesh, glad they don’t do that anymore.

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