The Facts

• The first fireworks ever recorded go back to 7th Century China. Picture the scene, a Chinese cook working quietly in an outdoor field when he accidently drops a bamboo tube enclosing some saltpeter, sulphur and charcoal (common cooking ingredients) into the fire and BOOM, a blast occurred.

This was recognized as the first firework to ever exist and the mixture came to be known as the formula for gunpowder used in today’s world. Who would have thought it would be that simple!

• Fireworks used to only be orange and white BUT in the Middle Ages new colours were created by added different elements, just for future reference… the most difficult colour of fireworks to make is blue and the easiest is orange.

• Queen Elizabeth 1 loved fireworks so much she even created an honorary title of ‘Fire Master of England’ specifically for the person who created the best firework.

• People making the fireworks can only wear cotton clothes and underwear when in the factory, as any static electricity can set of the fireworks… better to be safe than scorched, I guess.

• The first fireworks to go off in America were said to have been set off by Englishmen Captain John Smith, and if you’re wondering why that name sounds so familiar I’ll give you one clue… Pocahontas.

• From 1678 to this day the yeoman of the guard still looks through the cellars under the Houses of Parliament with lamps before each state opening of parliament.

Although now its mostly just for tradition, it still took them 73 years after Guy Fawkes to attempt to blow the parliament up to actually start checking!

• The biggest aerial firework shell weighs 1, 024.76 lb. and was launched for the fireworks festival in Japan, 11th October 2014. Not even a whole month ago!

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