Happy Boxing day guys

We hope you had a great Christmas and are having a nice relaxing Boxing Day.But whilst we were reducing some prices for you it got us thinking, where exactly did Boxing Day come from anyway?It can’t actually have anything to do with boxing right, like two people getting into a huge fight trying to get to the sales and managing to knock each other out. Although that does sound a lot like the Black Friday Sales.But no Boxing day actually comes from the word Christmas box.A Christmas box was a wooden or clay container which people put gifts in.It was actually used in quite a few different ways 

  • When sailing the box would be taken on board as good luck, the crewmen would put money in there to ensure a safe passage and the priest would place the box on the ship. If they returned safely the priest would then take the box and distribute it amongst the poor at Christmas.


  • An 'Alms Box' was placed in every church on Christmas Day where people would put gifts for the poor. These boxes were always opened the day after Christmas, which is why that day became know as Boxing Day.


  • Boxing Day was a day off for servants and when they received a ‘Christmas Box’ from the master. The servants would also go home to give ‘Christmas Boxes’ to their families.


  • Many poorly paid workers had to work on Christmas Day and took the following day off to visit their families. Their employers would give them with Christmas boxes when they were leaving.


  • During the late 18th century, Lords and Ladies of the manor would "box up" their leftover food, or sometimes gifts and distribute them the day after Christmas to tenants who lived and worked on their lands.

Right guys hope you learnt something and I know that your orders won’t be shipped until the 30th Dec but don’t forget that with our sales our stock will be flying off the shelves.So what are you waiting for, get shopping!!!

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