Menswear Style Feature | Discover ETO Jeans

Menswear Style Feature | Discover ETO Jeans

A one stop online store for men’s casual outfits, guaranteeing a fit and style you’ll love.

Launched in 2007, ETO Jeans is a leading contemporary designer of men’s urban fashion, diverting itself away from the conventional and using innovative patterns to modernize the traditional design, putting a unique spin on the norm.

ETO Jeans has taken inspiration from the architectural sites designed by the famous Spanish architect ‘Antoni Gaudi’ who was well known for reflecting his individual and highly distinctive style too his work.

Known for our renowned jeans, the brand aims to keep close to the heritage of the denim but also add cutting edge features to each product. This will set individuals away from the everyday norm and veer away from the mass trends, keeping the belief that ‘strength lies in difference’.

From the design stage to the final release each step of the production is carefully inspected so they are nothing short of exceptional for our buyers. As such we are happy to announce the release of our new Autumn Collection 2014 with stunning polo’s and cozy sweats to prepare you for the upcoming winter.

The ETO AW14 collection signifies a combination of casual terrace fashion whilst keeping street etiquette. The brand takes traditional silhouettes and pushes them into new territory.

The brand prides itself on creating a range of fundamental essentials, whilst also maintain its signature look. Taking inspiration from ‘the outdoor’ this collection is appropriately names, Subterranean.

This season the brand has gained enormous growth and popularity through releasing new collections, footwear and accessories as we aim to create the perfect look and fulfill the demands made by our customers.

We ship our products both domestic and internationally with updated special promotions such as Free Next Day UK Delivery. The brand is stocked in several high street stores for AW14 such as JD sports as well as online stores such as Jacamo, Get the Label, and the official ETO Jeans website.

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