As it’s our last scheduled post before Christmas we thought we’d get in early and wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Honestly we hope you have a great holiday and you get to spend these few days of holiday in blissful peace.

As promised we’re revealing our top 3 classic jeans, not surprising that they actually look quite similar but anyway on to the main event.

At number 3 we have this bright and summery pair of cuffed jeans, which would go well with any of our polos. These jeans are exactly what you need to brighten your day through these tough times.

These dark tan cuffed jeans are a perfect casual wear when paired together with one of our tees and layered with this comfortable hoody. Don’t forget our special messenger bag to complete the look!


Finally our number one best seller… surprised? I think these jeans speak for themselves!


Well guys that's all but let us know if we missed one of your favourites let us know.

And of course we couldn’t forget your special Christmas present, for this weekend only and as the last flash sale were going to be offering for at least a few months. We’re giving you 15% off your next order!

Hurry though this offer ends Monday 22nd, just in time for our last dispatch date!

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