Our Top Men’s Fashion Blogs | Official ETO

Our Top Men’s Fashion Blogs | Official ETO

Our Top Men’s Fashion Blogs

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On our journey of blogging we’ve tried to master the techniques learnt from the best, so as a tribute to them we decided to give you a list of our top 10 fashion bloggers exclusively for men.

We know you’ve seen these types of lists before but we swear this ones different.

Right enough of this, I’m sure you’re really excited to get to our list, so on we go -

1. Menswear style

Now now guys I’m sure you know that we’re not going to mention our article again… but just in case you did miss it the first time, here’s a link Menswear style!

Honestly though we really do love this blog, not only do they constantly refresh their look but they have a fantastic range of brands, designers and collections for every season.

Our favourite section is undoubtedly the icons of style, not sure why but we just love to see what some of the more famous men in the world wear and why it looks good.

2. Style | Girlfriend

For a greater insight into what women prefer on you this is the perfect blog.

With great tips, personalized advice, and an easy to maneuver design, this blog is definitely up there with our favorites.

3. Michael 84

We love this blogger and it’s all to do with his style. He looks at such a huge range of different brands, from George (Asda) to Hugo Boss, you know your really getting variety.

His writing is so easy to understand that we can’t help but feel amused by his quips and listen to his words of wisdom.

4. Apes to gentlemen

Now how anyone cannot love this blog is beyond my understanding, just the name and logo (as shown above) are amazing. Although showcasing a lot of the more pricey items, it does give a lot of great quality, classy advice for your everyday, typical gentlemen.

Hats off to them.

5. What’s he wearing?

In all honesty though this blog is a great one, you can get a good look at all the newest fashion and the writer is so great it feels like your talking to a friend.

So that's our first half out of the way, tune in next week for more of our absolute favourite men’s fashion blogs. Here’s a tip though, they don’t just look at fashion, they have a range of different interesting lifestyle topics we haven’t even discussed, exclusively for men. So what are you waiting for, dive in!

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