Hey Everybody,

This post is in honor of our customers across the pond.

Happy thanksgiving from all the team at ETO!

We hope your enjoying yourself and don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about tomorrow, we have a great offer for all our devoted customers… but you’ll have to stick around to find out what it is :p

So for all of you who don’t know what Thanksgiving is or where is came from, don’t worry we’re going to get you up to speed!

  • In 1620 just over 100 people travelled from Plymouth to Massachusetts Bay (That's a really long way away, it actually took them 66 DAYS).


  • They got there just in time to face the brutal winter where over half of them ended up dying. (They stayed aboard the ship)


  • In March the surviving passengers went ashore and met Squanto (yep like in the movie), a native American who had been kidnapped and sold into slavery. He finally returned home and luckily for the passengers he was able to speak English!



  • Squanto taught the passengers how to cultivate from the land, catch fish and avoid any poisonous plants.


  • He also helped them become friends with a local tribe called-


  • In November 1621 the pilgrims (passengers) had a really good harvest, the governor William Bradford organized a feast and invited many of the native Indians including the chief of Wampanoag.


  • The feast ended up lasting 3 days! It has now become known as the first ever Thanksgiving.


  • The first official Thanksgiving actually occurred in 1863 right in the middle of the civil war. Great timing.


  • The Americans have been enjoying Thanksgiving ever since, although the tradition has started slowly moving to the UK…who knows what will happen in the future.

So that's it guys, a quick summary of the first ever Thanksgiving with some added interesting facts like… did you know every year the president pardons 1 or 2 Thanksgiving turkeys and lets them retire on a farm. This tradition has been copied by many of the U.S governors.


So on that cheerful note we are happy to pardon a whopping 25% off all our non-sale items!

That's right guys, it’s our biggest sale ever and it’s only for this weekend, so hurry up and get buying.

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